“If I don’t speak I can walk faster”, said Abbas Kiarostami’s character in one of his movies, and for us this signifies the power of images over words. Our journey in photography has helped us understand that through this art form we can not only take inspiration from reality, but also model it and transform it into something totally unique.

Since 2010 Amaneraphoto has been reinterpreting wedding photography by distancing it from the traditional stereotypes. Our style blends the truth of reportage with the creativity of fine art.

Our mission is to capture what emerges spontaneously and naturally from the interplay between people and situation. We work in the background and maintain an almost invisible presence. You won’t be asked for repeat movements, to play a part or pose. We want your photos to reawaken the colours and atmosphere or your wedding experience, so spotlights and flashes aren’t our style.

Giacomo Tonucci
  • Giacomo Tonucci

  • Photographer
Paolo tarantini
  • Paolo tarantini

  • Photographer

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